I’ve spent most of my career as a one-person-marketing show. It taught me how to think creatively and gave me the freedom to develop my design skills. From copywriting to graphic design and videography, I’ve done it all. I also have a certificate of web development from a local community college. My strong communication skills and creative design capabilities lead me to serve as a Director of Marketing for a trade association management company. It opened the door for me to supplement my tactical skills with leadership and strategic thinking skills. I learned how to more effectively drive meetings, lead collaboration and build consensus. I learned valuable supervisory skills managing one full-time marketing professional and one communications intern. I also enhanced my ability to think independently and lead internal procedures to create an effective marketing department.


After three years serving trade associations, I wanted to stretch my capabilities. I searched for employment at an ad agency and found a unique company -one that specializes in serving entrepreneurs and small business owners. There I immersed myself as a client liaison pursuing excellence in team management and collaborative execution. I expanded my digital marketing expertise and analytical capabilities, becoming an effective steward of my clients’ budgets. I’ve developed a passion for establishing trust with clients and deploying effective strategies that deliver on lead-generation and awareness.

My career has been spent aggressively pushing the boundaries of my abilities to become a well-rounded, effective marketing expert. When I’m not conquering the marketing universe I’m walking my dog, baking cupcakes or reading.